Racing for Daredevils

World Figure 8 Racing – such a, ehh, strange thing!

Wall of Traffic Jam ;)

Unbelievable! So many cars and bikes in a wall of death. And everything just works…

Vintage F 1

What a Beauty! 1967 Eagle Weslake Vintage Formula 1 Racecar

Changing a truck tire in one minute

This mechanic has some serious skills!  

Peugeot 907 in Infrared

Concept Car from 2005 The Peugeot 907 has a 12 cylindre engine and features a gigantic glass top. The windscreen and the roof of the car are one…

Die gefährlichsten Straßen der Welt

These are the world’s most dangerous roads!   Die Top 5   Und hier die Top Ten  

Schnellster Straßenmarkierer der Welt!

Einfach unglaublich, welche Fähigkeiten dieser Straßenmarkierer an den Tag legt! Nur ganz zum Schluss, da hat er es haarscharf verfehlt…aber nur um wenige Zentimeter. Ansonsten: ganz einfach eine…

Sexy! How To Change Your Oil

VW Touareg

Factory made Offroad-Killer: VW Touareg (1st Series) Already a young classic! (in Arches National Park, Moab, Utah, USA)     Related: